Media Relations Management in Conflict and Crisis

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212 minutes
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200 QAR - 55 USD$
حضور الدورة دون دفع رسوم الشهادة لا يمكّنك من الحصول على الشهادة، بل يسمح لك فقط بمشاهدة جميع الفيديوهات والقراءات واجتياز الاختبارات.
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You’re the head of an organization and you have a message you want to deliver to your audience.

But, how do you take that message from point A to point B, in the most effective way?

The answer is surprisingly complicated, and hits at the essence of the discipline known as Media Relations Management.

Hi, my name is Steve Turner, and I’m a media relations expert.

With over 30 years in the field, my work has taken me from Somalia to Moldova, from conflict zones to boardrooms and finally, to your computer screens.

Join me in this course as we dissect what it means to be a media relations manager, so that after you’re finished watching, you’ll be ready to tell the world your story.

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Cognitive skills

   The trainee will learn:

  • Approaches for professional communicators engaged in media relationships and management, in conflict and crisis situations.
  • Skills for planning, implementation and management of media and new media relations and engagement programmes.
  • The development of critical thinking and communication skills.
  • The development of an effective media relations policy and plan.

Practical skills

   The trainee will learn:

  • The general practice of media relations management and how this applies specifically to situations of crisis and conflict.
  • How to identify stakeholders in conflict and understand how they are defined. 
    The legal framework within which they operate.
  • Different types of media.
  • The impact of media in conflict and crisis and how it operates.
  • Media ethics and ways of engaging with media.
  • Media relations practise in a range of crisis settings as well as planning and implementing media engagements with media outlets.

Behavioural skills

   The trainee will learn:

  • Using examples of media engagement in the 30-year-long conflict in Somalia.
  • Using real case studies that illustrate the topics covered in the lessons.
  • The development of strategic communication messages.
  • Engagement with target audiences.
  • The creation and maintenance of media relationships in crisis situations.
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  • Full lifetime access.
  • Paid Certificate (200 QAR / 55 USD$).
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  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • A Computer or Mobile with Internet Connection.