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Our Mission: 

To bring the expertise of Al Jazeera's world-leading journalists and media experts direct to you through our series of video courses for journalists. With our e-Learning platform, you can learn anywhere, at any time.

About Us:

Al Jazeera Media Institute has been a leading institution in international media training since it was established in 2004.

Our e-Learning platform features video courses which are designed to make education and training for journalists as stimulating and engaging as possible through the use of smart, interactive tools.

The platform features both Arabic and English-language courses led by many of Al Jazeera's highly experienced and talented pool of journalists and reaches thousands of journalists and students of journalism all over the world every day.

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Al Jazeera Media Institute
Doha, Qatar
00974 44898166

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9am – 3pm (Qatar Time = +3 GMT )


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