Science Journalism

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Course Duration
119 minutes
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100 QAR - 28 USD$
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About This Course

Journalists have a demanding job, and with the increasing number of science stories, it is even more challenging. Join us to help strengthen your understanding and knowledge of science stories and sharpen your craft skills. Our course guides you through key areas that will help your reporting. We introduce you to the Scientific Method. We also share several essential sources and websites to help your research and fact-checking.

Suppose you are reporting on science stories and would like to understand the scientific method behind cutting-edge innovations. In that case, this course will provide you with the information and background to make your journalism more confident and authoritative. We cover all aspects of science and technology. We will give you the confidence to go to the next level with your journalism.

Join us on a fascinating look at the world of science journalism.

Course Objectives

Cognitive skills

   The trainee will learn:

  • How to report on stories about science, technical and medical news.
  • The scientific method, how research and development leads to scientific/technical results, procedures and techniques.
  • How to deconstruct science stories in order to ask relevant and informed questions.
  • How to report these to the audience in an accurate, balanced and factual manner.

Practical skills

   The trainee will learn:

  • How to read evidence, testing and research briefs.
  • How to gain a better understanding of statistics and data.

Behavioural skills

   The trainee will learn:

  • To question the sometimes accepted, popular view about a science-based topic.
  • That good journalism can mean that there is no single answer or conclusion when reporting on complex issues.
What do I get from this course?
  • Full lifetime access.
  • Paid Certificate.
What do I need to take this course?
  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • A Computer or Mobile with Internet Connection.